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4th conversation-rich conference for English teachers & teacher trainers

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Downshift. Reduce the noise. Stop the madness. Try no-frills teaching.

Focus on clarity. Minimize distractions. Declutter your lessons.

do less to achieve more

Stop hoarding handouts/pdfs/gadgets/apps/what-nots (sorry, not sorry).

Choose quality over quantity. Discover what works and keep refining that.

do less to achieve more

Upgrade your teaching technique. Define your style. Engage students with your  … expertise.

Defragment your lessons. Give them a clear structure, with lots of breathing space.

do less to achieve more

Make sure your teaching is all about learning.

Create space for feedback and act on it. Listen before you teach. Listen after you teach.

do less to achieve more

Grow as a teacher. Understand why you do things the way you do. Question your habits.

Teach deep. Teach clear. Teach better.

do less to achieve more



This year we invite a cosy team of  teachers to embark on an action research adventure:

  • They get a lesson planning challenge from us.
  • They deep dive – reading and researching – to work out their recipes for success.
  • They float their ideas to the team for feedback.
  • They test their ideas in the classroom (reality check!).
  • They share their stories, ideas and conclusions with you during their sessions.
  • They answer your questions and you answer theirs (the power of conversation!).


Speaker submissions have closed!Speaker submissions have closed!





November 26th, 2017 




Warsaw – ul. Koszykowa 75

The Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science [MiNI], Warsaw University of Technology

(You get all the how-to-get info on the conference ticket.)


09.20  Registration & a warm welcome on a November morning.

10.00    TROUBLESHOOTER – conversation-rich interactive plenary with two Panels and the audience coming up with solutions to real classroom problems:

Declutter your teaching – no excuses!

PANEL 1 – Cambridge Assessment English Teacher Trainers:

 Amanda Davies

  Sandy Millin 

PANEL 2 – Top Secret (no,  you won’t be disappointed!)

11.15  Enjoy coffee, juice, cakes. Make new friends.

11.45    CLASSROOM STORIES 1 – concurrent sessions.

Grammar: 2 classroom experiments – how to clarify and activate grammar with adults.

  Gosia Kwiatkowska 

  Gosia Mróz 

Vocabulary: 2 classroom experiments – how to clarify and activate vocabulary with adults.

  Daria Domagała 

  Marta Godlewska 

13.05    MINIMAX – micro-workshops.

Silent & noisy discussions: use interactive writing to exchange opinions on teaching before you talk it out.

  Milena Jastrzębska: How to boost your teacher productivity 

 Sandy Millin: From a teacher in Poland to a teacher trainer worldwide – how to develop your teaching skills 

Guided tours:  go on a poster presentation tour & have an idea-sharing chat with your guides.

 Monika Izbaner & Hanna Zięba: Must-reads for teachers – thought-provoking books  you can’t afford to miss 

  Dorota Sobczyńska & Ewa Turowska: CLIL lessons for primary learners 

 Agnieszka Anioła, Agnieszka Witkowska & Vadym Zheltovskyy: Outstanding lessons for young learners 

Online Alley: talk to and get advice from the most inspiring bloggers and online educators.

 Gosia Kwiatkowska of 

 Hanna Wąż of 

 Milena Jastrzębska of 

 Daria Domagała and Joanna Łucka of

 Katarzyna Wiącek of Enjoy English

Quick fixes: master your classroom techniques here and now with a CELTA Tutor (if you dare!) – tackle a challange, get instant feedback, have another go, see the change happen!

  Amanda Davies 

(Or/And spend this time chatting with other teachers over lunch.)

14.25    CLASSROOM STORIES 2 – concurrent sessions.

Grammar: 2 classroom experiments – how to clarify and activate grammar with kids.

  Renata Dobrowolska 

 Anna Lorenz 

Vocabulary: 2 classroom experiments – how to clarify and activate vocabulary with adults.

  Ela Kozioł 

  Hanna Wąż 

15.45  Recharge your batteries. Enjoy coffee, juice, cakes and conversation.

16.05    CLASSROOM UPCYCLING  – flash talks.

Retro activities perked up. 

 Ewa Grzelak : Translation. 

 Milena Jastrzębska & Mateusz Jakubczyk : Role-plays. 

 Monika Kalbara : Silent activities. 

 Weronika Zykubek : Gap-fills. 

Feedback or feed forward? Feedback and formative assessment.

 Joanna Łucka : Formative assessment in a flipped classroom. 

 Sandy Millin : Marking written work for success. 

 Anna Stawska : End-of-lesson feedback. Exit tickets. 

 Gosia Warmińska-Marczak : Mid-lesson feedback. Think-Pair-Shares. 


18.50   BEAUTIFULLY TWISTED MINDS – The Grand Finale, certificates & hugs…

…and then on Monday morning, in the classroom, we can all happily do less to achieve more


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