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Your ZOOM link to the webinar June 8 (Tuesday) 20:00-21:30 CET (GMT+2) Curious about online CELTA courses? Join us for online CELTA ask me anything our live, interactive, free webinar with the expert Marie Therese Swabey Joint Chief Assessor for Cambridge CELTA courses co-hosted by Beata Palińska & Milada Krajewska  Cambridge CELTA Tutors from Lang ... Czytaj dalej

Gosia, Poland


The course is amazing. It’s hard, it’s challenging, but also practical, useful and extremely rewarding. Worth the effort. All the sleepless nights don’t matter when you’ve completed it.

Gosia, Poland

Kamila, Poland

It’s a great opportunity to get very detailed feedback on your teaching from experts and see teaching from a different perspective.It is very well organized and over its course the trainees are carefully guided towards independence. It taught me to face challenges with confidence, and to understand that everyone is allowed to ask questions and make mistakes- it’s a vital part of any learning process. The course helps you to fully appreciate the importance of students’ well-being.

Kamila, Poland

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