Ewa Spirydowicz

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ELT flash talks

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My story

It was in the 90s. I was looking for a summer job, so I applied and… stayed for LIKE EVER. Taught them all: teenagers and adults, beginners and advanced, the bright ones and the not-so. Have done high school and Matura exams, prepared for all Cambridge  certificates… Love it all but especially higher levels, especially finding and showing the meaning behind structure. Another ELT passion of mine is  using authentic materials, with all their shortcomings, mistakes and violations of good old grammar rules.

When I don’t teach? I translate, review, and, oh, read novels.  And I WATCH, but then who doesn’t?

My good teaching habit

I don’t teach.

I enchant, entice, fascinate… but I don’t teach.

My bad teaching habit

Mess, mess, mess everywhere…

The best piece of teaching advice I've ever got

  1. Be yourself.
  2. Listen to your student(s).

The gif that best illustrates my lesson planning & teaching style

There are two!