Agnieszka Szóstek

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Pacesetter Plenary

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My story

[trx_quote]I love to solve unsolvable problems, creating solutions that make people feel happier than before.[/trx_quote]

A strategic designer and  a PhD holder, Aga Szóstek helps companies to define an ambitious experience vision and then set appropriate measures to make it happen. Aga also designs tools that help designers run strategic and creative workshops so have a sneak peek at her Seed Cards. She writes about design and co-hosts a podcast about the future of design: Catching the Next Wave. And whenever there is any time left, she coaches, mentors and teaches others how to create radical innovation and lead design teams.

What do you love about your job?

Bringing positive change to the world.

Where do you look for inspiration?

In the world itself – it’s all around me.

How do you defy gravity in everyday life?

By not taking myself too seriously 😉

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