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My story

If you ask Karin about her job description, the answer is straightforward:  Bring joy into people’s lives.

A Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and a graduate of Dr Madan Kataria’s  Laughter Yoga University, she has been conducting uplifting Laughter Yoga classes since 2013. Laughter Yoga can serve as a natural anti-depressant: it keeps people of all ages in high spirits and fosters emotional and physical well-being, regardless of your physical and mental state.

The best synonym of Karin’s Laughter Yoga session? A joy to behold.

A stickler for healthy emotional lifestyle, Karin conducts workshops for corporate clients, NGOs as well as one-to-one classes. She has helped the elderly and oncological patients to rejoice against all odds. And she also works with the little ones, organising science classes for kids at “Małe Mądrale” (“Little Wise Guys”).

Karin co-authored an online personal development course “Wiem, czego chcę” (“I know what I want”) and its analogue follow-up “Dziennik Rozwoju” (“Development Journal”).

Her passion is connecting work with … passion, and vice versa.

At home, she is a mother of three, who likes being around people, travelling, cooking and … helping others – provided all of the aformentioned activities are filled with joy.

Why Laughter? Why Laughter Yoga?

Scientific research proves that we learn better, more and faster when learning is filled with joy and happens through play. Irrespective of age, laughter and joy enhance learning and training.

I like to see people lighten up. Who needs a smile more than a person who can’t offer you a smile? So I give mine away 🙂

How do you defy gravity in everyday life?

No shortcuts here… It takes practice on a daily basis. You can’t skip a single day. My personal daily training of the smile muscle (Latin: musculus risorius) and zygomatic muscle (Latin: musculus zygomaticus major) ensures that my mouth doesn’t turn down at the corners, thus defying gravity! Highly recommended 🙂

Where do you look for inspiration?

Children are the natural smile triggers. They give smiles away since their birthday. It starts as a smile from within – when the infant’s needs have all been fulfilled, the baby radiates calm, which sets off an involuntary muscle cramp – that is an infant’s smile. A few weeks later, the baby deliberately starts offering smiles to the world, which goes on … forever. Back at home, my very own Zosia has been really busy delivering smiles for 7 months now 🙂

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